Wrinkle treatment

Our face is the first thing other people perceive of us when we meet them – and in general, it is also what is then remembered as characterising. The uniqueness of each personality is reflected in our facial features: it represents our nature, our mood and (unfortunately) our age as well.

With increasing age, the skin in the face, the neck and the décolleté loses elasticity and resilience. The muscles, the subcutaneous tissue and the fat pads sag, so the contours weaken and wrinkles become visible. However, a person’s appearance does not always correspond to his or her actual life. Someone who feels fit, vital and young despite advanced age also wants to show this to the outside world. A wrinkle treatment can help make you look just like you feel.

The procedure of a wrinkle treatment

Prior to starting the actual treatment of the unloved facial wrinkles, it is important to clearly identify the type of wrinkles. If they are, for example, due to facial tension (e.g. when the patient laughs or has an „angry“ look), it is important to relax the underlying muscles. In this case, botulinum toxin is injected into the affected areas with a fine needle. Depending on the extent, the treatment takes about 10 to 15 minutes, so patients can immediately return to their daily lives after the procedure. The final result will be visible after four to fourteen days, and the effect lasts for about four to six months.

If the treatment is aimed at reducing wrinkles caused by an age-related loss of volume or sagging of the facial structures, injection with hyaluronic acid is recommended. Similar to the treatment with botulinum toxin, it is injected into the affected areas; however, blunt cannulas are used instead of fine injection needles. The wrinkle injection is performed under local anaesthesia in this case, so the patient has no pain. The first aesthetic effect will be noticeable right after the treatment, while the final result will be visible after about three weeks.

Wrinkle treatment for men

Men who have both feet on the ground also want to show this to the outside world. Wrinkle treatment is therefore not only restricted to women but also helps mainly middle-aged men to convey their energy and vitality with their appearance again.

Type of intervention Outpatient procedure
Duration of the procedure 10 to 30 minutes
Recovery time None