Our philosophy

Be it breast augmentation or a face lift, gynaecomastia or liposuction – the focus of each treatment is always on the human being, with his or her individual needs but also considering the respective medical history. As a practice, we support value-centred cosmetic surgery, which, with careful consultation and innovative treatment methods, is always aimed at the patient’s well-being, why we can be reached by our patients around the clock after an operation.

Careful consultation

Precisely because aesthetic plastic surgery is medically not necessary in most cases, it is very important that it is preceded by careful decision-making. In individual preliminary talks, Dr. med. Barbara Veldung and her team will therefore fully inform you about the course of the surgery and any possible risks and side effects. Together, we arrange the follow-up care and accompany you also in the time after your surgery with our knowledge and many years of experience.

Innovative methods of treatment

Working in an international context, we are able to pick up on current scientific knowledge and offer our patients innovative methods of treatment. We certainly do not follow each trend but we engage in serious discussions to ensure a high level of medical know-how every day with knowledge researched in the long run. At the same time, where they have proved to be successful, we rely on traditional methods of treatment if we are convinced that this is the best and safest option.

Well-being of the patient

Our patients should feel comfortable with us – before, during and after the planned procedure. In addition to the health component, mental perception also plays a significant role. After all, the individual desires and needs of the patient contribute to the decision to undergo aesthetic plastic surgery. The latter represents a great opportunity to establish a positive self-perception or to strengthen it. We support our patients on this way by taking care of their well-being with careful consultation and innovative treatment methods.

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