Thread lift

In addition to a clear complexion, especially firm skin in the facial area results in a youthful and dynamic appearance. So when the signs of the times show a loss of elasticity, many women feel that their appearance no longer complies with their vitality. A thread lift is particularly aimed at those who are dissatisfied with the first symptoms of the aging process but do not consider a thorough facelift. Whether lifting the cheeks, accentuating the cheekbone or clearly contouring the mandible: A thread lift can tighten certain parts of the face – without any surgery or scalpel. The face appears generally fresh and relaxed.

The procedure of a thread lift

During initial comprehensive consultation, we make a detailed analysis of the area to be treated. We discuss the possibilities and limitations as well as the opportunities and risks of this innovative method with the patient. Since a thread lift is performed under local anaesthesia or twilight sleep, the procedure may be conducted in an outpatient setting. Using a fine needle, the threads are inserted into the subcutaneous fatty tissue through small incisions and stretched to then support and raise the skin. Due to the fine incisions, there will be no scars but swelling and bruises may occur on the days following the surgery. The first results can already be noticed right after the procedure, while the effect will be even more pronounced in the following months and can only then be assessed finally. The face and especially the skin in the treated areas should be stressed as little as possible. The tape will be removed after two to three days.

Thread lifting is one of the most innovative and mildest lifting methods. It is based on resorbing threads of lactic acid. An advantage is that they dissolve within two years, at the same time stimulating collagen. This results in a general tightening effect, which lasts about two to three years and overall provides a more juvenile appearance. Depending on the patient’s request, a combination with Botox or hyaluronic acid can be useful; these options, however, are to be discussed during the preliminary talk.

Thread lift for men

A thread lift is suited not only for women: men who are dissatisfied with the wrinkles and sagging in their face also benefit from this simple method. Finally, they can recover a more juvenile appearance without having to accept scars, a longer absence from work or a hospital stay.

Type of intervention Local anaesthesia or twilight sleep
Duration of the procedure 30 minutes to 1 hour
Recovery time 1 to 7 days
Hospital stay outpatient