Breast reduction

Well-shaped and full breasts are a symbol of femininity. However, overly large breasts are a burden for many women. Especially petite women often suffer from heavy shoulder and back pain, which leads to spinal disc herniation in some cases. The bra straps cut into the shoulders, resulting in skin irritation and eczema. Sports is only possible to a limited extent since the excessive weight of the breasts quickly results in an overload. In addition to the physical burden, affected women often feel ashamed of their body. Consequently, breast reduction can significantly improve both the physical and the mental state of the patient.

The procedure of breast reduction

During breast reduction, excess fat and sagging skin are removed. The surgery is performed under general anaesthesia. First, an incision is made in the chest fold and around the areola as well as a vertical section, which leads downwards from here. The nipple is shifted – without loosing it – a bit higher during the procedure to make the breast look well-shaped and symmetric. Prior to the surgery, it is determined how much tissue is to be removed and how the breast is to be shaped afterwards.

After the surgery, the patient has to spend one night in hospital. For collecting blood and wound secretion, drains remain in the wound during this time. A bandage is first applied, which will be replaced with a special support bra the following day. It should be worn day and night during four to six weeks after surgery to immobilise and relieve the breasts. In addition to that, intensive aftercare and regular creaming is necessary so the scars may heal well and will only be little visible later. Moreover, regular check-ups are important, which should definitely be carried out to supervise the good wound-healing process. Depending on the progress and the course of recovery and upon consultation with the doctor, the patient can already return to work after 14 days.

In severe cases as well as with physical and functional restrictions, your health insurance may pay for the breast reduction surgery if it is necessary from a medical perspective.

Type of intervention General anaesthesia
Duration of the procedure 1,5 to 2 hours
Recovery time 14 days
Hospital stay 1 to 2 nights