Breast reconstruction with autologous fat

Be it after a pregnancy, due to age or the feeling that the breasts are too small: there are many reasons why women opt for breast augmentation. In most cases, a natural yet taut shape and the smallest possible scars have top priority. Lipofilling is a rather natural form of breast augmentation since there are no implants at all. Instead, previously removed and, in the patient’s eyes, undesirable autologous fat is injected into the breasts. This approach is particularly useful when silicone implants are out of the question or the patient only wants slight augmentation. If the patient wishes greater change or does not have enough fat deposits, implants are the better choice, or it is necessary to carry out the lipofilling in several steps.

The procedure of breast reconstruction with autologous fat

In a comprehensive preliminary talk, the patient is informed about the pros and cons of lipofilling, and we find out if this type of surgery actually suits the patient. The scope and the shape – which must be built – are determined in accordance with the patient’s desires and the given possibilities.

As a first step, the autologous fat required for injection is removed from disagreeable tissue on the upper and inner thighs and from the belly and flanks. We rely on gentle liposuction and precisely guided body shaping. The fatty tissue is suctioned with a thin cannula and purified before it is injected into the breast. Most of the autologous fat grows along with the natural fat of the female breast, so augmentation is permanent.

The function of the mammary gland and the sensitivity of the nipple are not affected, which is mainly important to women who still want to breastfeed. Both the liposuction and the actual lipofilling are performed in an outpatient setting. The actual procedure itself is always under anesthesia. Breast reconstruction with autologous fat takes approximately two hours. The patient may usually go home after the procedure but great effort should be avoided. She should not exercise at all during the first four weeks after surgery. We recommend wearing compression garments subsequent to liposuction for about four weeks. The patient also receives a firm support bra that must be worn during that time. After about two weeks, the swelling will start to decrease, which can only be considered completed after approximately three months. For more extensive breast augmentation, several lipofilling sessions may be necessary, which should be at least three months apart.

Type of intervention General anaesthesia
Duration of the procedure 2 hours
Recovery time 10 to 14 days