Body Lift

Clear body contours are shown not only by sports-defined muscles but they are mainly the result of a tight appearance of the skin. When aging or large weight decline leads to general sagging of the skin on the stomach, the thighs and the buttocks, aesthetic plastic surgery can provide help with complex body-lifting procedures. Especially when patients suffer from excess skin, a body lift ensures a steady self-perception and an improved physical well-being in the longer term.

The procedure of a body lift

In the first place, a body lift provides tightened contours. Larger fat pads and excess skin are removed, the latter having no longer been able to follow the weight fluctuations of the patient due to decreasing elasticity. While primarily larger body parts are smoothed during a body lift, a reduction in cellulitis and other dents and bumps is a nice side effect.

Depending on the scope, a body lift can take between three and five hours. The surgery is performed under general anaesthesia and can be combined with liposuction, if necessary. A basic distinction is made between the lower body lift (abdomen, buttocks, hips, thighs) and the upper body lift (abdomen, back).

The circular incision usually starts at the mons pubis and extends over the hips up to the gluteal fold. The skin is detached and excess tissue is removed in the area of the buttocks and the back up to the knees. Subsequently, the tightened skin is joined and fixed. Then the abdominal wall is tightened; this process can to a large extent be compared with an abdominoplasty. The resulting scar corresponds to the common bikini design and can be covered this way.

During the body lift, drains are placed temporarily in the wound to prevent any fluid accumulation. Generally, wearing compression garment after the surgery is absolutely necessary. The length of the hospital stay largely depends on the extent of the procedure and can vary between two and seven days. While full recovery takes between two and three weeks, the first results will be visible immediately. The swelling resulting from the procedure needs a few weeks to cease completely. It also takes about a year for the scars to fully fade.

In general, it is possible that your health insurance may cover the treatment cost following the evaluation by a specialist and the application. The decision may turn out quite differently and depends on the results.

Body lift for men

The desire for tight contours representing youthfulness and vitality is as relevant for men as it is for women. With increasing age or following massive weight loss, however, excess skin often conflicts with that desire. A body lift helps you recover your old shape and achieve the desired objective.

Type of intervention General anaesthesia
Duration of the procedure 3 to 5 hours
Recovery time 3 to 4 weeks
Hospital stay 2 to 7 nights