Dr. med. Barbara Veldung

To me, it’s important to always stay up to date with research as it is modern medicine that provides many opportunities to my patients. We have to take advantage of them.

It is not for nothing that Dr. med. Barbara Veldung has decided to open her practice in the heart of Saarbrücken. Located close to the border with Luxembourg and a short train ride away from Paris, she operates in an international environment and is in constant contact with important research and teaching institutions. As a specialist for plastic and aesthetic surgery, this allows her to provide her patients with innovative treatment methods in the form of a broad range of services.

St. Ingbert – 1978: The daughter of a medical family, Dr. med. Barbara Veldung already knew at a very young age that she also wanted to become a doctor. At the same time, she had always been artistically active and also looked for a way to take up her aesthetic interest in medicine. Enthusiastic about the chances and possibilities of plastic surgery, she started her medical studies in 1998 in Luxembourg to switch to the University of Saarland a year later. In the following years, she continued her studies around the world, assisting renowned cosmetic surgeons in Mexico, Brazil, France and Switzerland.

Die Lehrtätigkeit

Paris – 2005: When Dr. med. Barbara Veldung started her specialist training at Hôpital St. Joseph in Paris, the foundation was laid for her special connection to the French capital. There she learned with Prof. Dr. Alain Bellavoir, one of France’s icons in the field of aesthetic and plastic surgery, particularly known for his facelift surgery. At the same time, she completed a training in microsurgery and successfully received her Diplôme universitaire de microchirurgie in 2007. After that, worked for Prof. Dr. Ernst Magnus Noah at the Red Cross Hospital in Kassel, from where she returned to Paris in 2008. At the Hôpital d’instruction des armées Percy, one of the largest centres for severely burned patients in Europe, she continued her studies in the care of severely burned and war-wounded patients.

Saarbrücken – 2012: Dr. med. Barbara Veldung passed her specialist exam in Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery at the Medical Association of the Saarland. A year earlier, she had returned to Hôpital St. Joseph to complete her specialist training as a senior physician. Still today, she works there as a senior physician to never lose touch with current research and to maintain exchange with future plastic surgeons.